A snippet from J.L. Logosz & Vera Valentine’s spicy science fiction romance, Planet Oster: Fertility Fusion (The Holiday Hedonism Series).


A snippet from Rachel A Rosen’s climate fantasy novel, Cascade (The Sleep of Reason Book 1).

Cascade: Writing the Apocalypse

Cascade was never meant to be a work of climate fiction. My meandering novel of magic, monsters, and machinations grew its themes organically. Not everything, even in a novel about politics, needs to be a political allegory. Sometimes the tentacle of a long-dead god emerging from the bottom of the ocean is just a tentacle … Continue reading Cascade: Writing the Apocalypse

The Music of Cascade

I didn’t set out to do it, but music is woven through Cascade like a spell. From Lucy’s opera to Ian’s fiddle, music is the backdrop of my characters’ lives—and of my own writing process. I went from always listening to music when I wrote, to never listening to it, to a particular ritual during … Continue reading The Music of Cascade


A snippet from Rohan’s psychological science fiction short story, Ex-Mech. Read it for free here.


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Big News in the Extended Universe

Cascade, the first novel of the Sleep of Reason trilogy, signed with BumblePuppy Press. Which means that the first novel in the Night Beats extended universe is going to be published. Which is rad af.

Details about the Goya print are available via Wikipedia, as is the image. There’s also a fantastic song about it by Billy Bragg. And very soon a Weird fantasy novel.