About Night Beats

We’re not fully certain who came up with the concept of Night Beats in the first place. Rachel? Zilla? Sabitha? Three writers as friends lead to some questionable decisions. In this case, coming up with the idea for a fictional TV show, Night Beats, and writing it into every fictional universe our characters inhabit. All of our protagonists watch this rubbish paranormal police procedural, and they all claim to hate it, and they all secretly love it. Night Beats is simply the best/worst TV show that was never made.

Then we made Night Beats Creative Commons so all our friends could use it too. Night Beats in every ‘verse! From an actual opera in a steampunk fantasy to a TV rerun in a space opera, people are finding creative ways to write Night Beats into their stories.

Somehow, without us intending it, Night Beats went from a plot device to an artists collective. We have a newsletter. We promo each other’s art. We share cat photos. We have the Night Beats Press to publish our books???

So follow us to join in on the adventures of Jane, Lilith, Brad, Brent, Ona, Gwen, and ugggh, Jordan. Vampires! Werewolves! Mirror Universes! Terrible CGI! We’ve got it all. Except, you know, a budget or good acting.

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We’ve got a variety of works in the Night Beats Extended Universe, from books to music to RPG. If you have something you’ve made and you want to propose a promo swap, get in touch.

We’re a collective of artists and friends, but mostly we’re collection of weirdos. Get in touch by email: Nightbeatseu (at) gmail (dot) com.

(Of course Night Beats being Creative Commons means anyone can join our Extended Universe by including Night Beats in their story. That’s the whole point! But if you use it please let us know so we can squeal with giddy excitement and joy.)

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The official Night Beats theme song is by Anything That Grooves.

Creative Commons License
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