Meet the Night Beats characters and cast!


To our deep regret, Jordan is the main character of Night Beats. A detective with the Night Beats unit, he’s on patrol for vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, and other Night Dwellers. Though a regular—and very bland—human, he has seen beyond the Veil and become entangled with the paranormal.


Jordan’s partner—both at work and, on occasion, after hours. She is secretly a werewolf. It’s not really a secret.


The Raccoon City medical examiner, though sometimes the writers forget this. A vampire turned during the Paris Commune (unfortunately not canon, but it should be), she sometimes dates Jordan but she has more chemistry with Jane.


Queen of the Faeries. Sometimes pals around with Lilith, sometimes betrays her.


Lilith’s ex, long-deceased, now a zombie. The writers might have introduced him so people stopped writing so many fanfics about Lilith/Jane. What actually happened is Jordan/Brad became the most popular ship. Fandom is a fickle beast.


A ghost with a penchant for puns and shenanigans. A medical examiner, despite the fact that he is incapable of holding physical items for more than a few seconds.


Jordan’s fridged ex-wife.


Jordan’s love interest, also fridged.

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