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Rachel A Rosen
Climate disaster, wizards, magic and Canadian politics come crashing together in the first book of the Sleep of Reason trilogy.

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so human as I am cover

So Human As I Am
Rachel A Rosen
There are infinite possibilities, and not a single one where they don’t destroy each other.

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so human as I am cover

The Sad Bastard Cookbook: Food You Can Make So You Don’t Die
Zilla Novikov, Rachel A Rosen, and Illustrator Marten Norr

The Sad Bastard Cookbook is funny, realistic, and kind.

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Partly covered copy of Query

Zilla Novikov

I dread not hearing from you.

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Cover of the game Headcanon

Julian Gunn

All the apocalypses blur together, but this one could be special.

In this low-prep ttrpg, players create collaborative poker hands to determine their characters’ actions and the success or failure of the scene. 

disaster wizards on a background of lightning striking

Disaster Wizards
Julian Gunn

You, a wizard, are competing in the most prestigious magical tournament in the multiverse.

Two things.

One: this is an elite contest of skill, wits, and laser-like focus.

Two: you are a f*cking disaster.

This game is a Honey Heist hack.

Planet Oster Cover

Planet Oster: Fertility Fusion (The Holiday Hedonism Series)
J.L. LogoszVera Valentine

When broma pod smuggler Ch’ik Wazo finds herself – literally – down and out on an unfamiliar planet in the Rahnbo system. she’s forced to admit she’s in one hell of a tight spot. Just as she’s preparing for a long, boring, and credit-less wait through the harvest season, an unlikely trio of long-eared aliens makes her an irresistible offer. Zul, Roz, and Jau promise they’ll help her save her cargo if she’ll agree to carry theirs. But with hidden dangers ready to turn a not-so-simple business arrangement into an all-out space war, it will only take one wrong move for this strange partnership to go supernova.

Run Me Down cover

Run Me Down: A Romance Novella
Nicole Northwood

When Talia and her best friend, Jaeger, agree to host a small graduation dinner party together at their rental house, Talia doesn’t anticipate that she’s going to end the night by admitting she’s fallen in love with him.

Red Zone: Dog Problems cover

Red Zone: Dog Problems

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Night Beats Neon Blues

Night Beats: Neon Blues

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