Meet the creators using Night Beats in their work

Rachel Rosen she/her
Night Beats co-creator

Rachel is an activist, graphic designer, and for her sins, a high school teacher. Through magic dark as Vantablack, she has somehow conjured the time to write a book series, The Sleep of Reason. If you’re looking for more disaster wizards, check out her first novel, Cascade. Find her on Instagram or visit her website.

Zilla in a field

Zilla Novikov she/her
Night Beats co-creator and Chief Hype Officer

Zilla Novikov is much taller than you’d expect her to be. Her height is commensurate with her wit: see Tumblr, or read The Sad Bastard Cookbook. While you’re clicking links, you might as well check out her excellent taste in books on Storygraph or Goodreads.

A weird art picture of Sabitha

Sabitha Furiosa she/her
Devotee of Night Beats lore

Sabitha is a construct assembled from various spare parts, including a propagandist, a pop cultural critic, and a broken Mr. Coffee machine. As the keeper of the Night Beats Bible, she is responsible for maintaining the plot continuity that the showrunners have long since abandoned. Do not perceive her.

A cartoon image of Rohan

Rohan O’Duill he/him
Night Beats author

Rohan O’Duill is a chef, archer and author. He is working on his sprawling space opera trilogy, Cold Rush, and has a short from that verse (Ex-Mech) published in the Otherverse magazine. If you want to chat space pirates, archery or food, you can find Rohan at or on Tiktok.

A photo of sidewalk chalk writing. It reads 'the pinkos are getting restless'.

Rick Innis he/him/they/them
Composer of the Night Beats theme song

Rick Innis is a queer musician creating techno-acoustic ethno-electro agit-pop post-punk folk-funk under the moniker Anything That Grooves. Currently resident on the Treaty 13  land presently known as Toronto, Canada, he has roots on two continents, lives on a third, and considers himself a citizen of Planet Earth. 

Julian Gunn he/him
Night Beats RPG Designer

Julian is a queer and trans writer, artist, and RPG maker. He is currently working on a novel inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh and that other great epic touchstone, um, Supernatural. His game Headcanon helps you bring to life a series finale (but not the series finale) of the Eternal Show, herein known as Night Beats. Find him on and Instagram.

art picture of JL Logosz

J.L. Logosz she/her/hers
Night Beats author

J.L. can be found on Twitter. She enjoys going on road trips, looking at cool rocks, and having a last name that is truly career-kryptonite. J.L. hails from the frozen wasteland of North Dakota, where she lives with her husband and two children in a weird liminal state on the empty prairie – unknown, unseen, and incomprehensible to the human mind. Being sincere about herself on the internet makes her break out into hives.

Art picture of Vera Valentine

Vera Valentine she/her/hers
Night Beats author

An unapologetic book-huffer and devourer-of-stories, Vera Valentine has carried on a torrid love affair with the written word for nearly all of her 39 years. Grown in the diner-laden wilds of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and transplanted to North Carolina, she lives with her husband, seven cats, and two dogs, most of whom are house trained. An avid fan of the Paranormal Reverse Harem genre, she tossed her author hat into the ring in September of 2021 and never looked back. A self-professed chaotic capybara, Vera can usually be found spending too much time on social media, chilling with fellow newbie authors, or scribbling down plot bunny ideas in her trusty paper sidekick, the Bad Idea Book™. If you’d like to stay in touch and up-to-date on Vera’s latest projects, pop by to follow her on social media, sign up for the ValentineVerse Newsletter, and more! 🙂

Saevelle she/her
Night Beats author and artist

Saevelle is a high drive, low ambition artist, writer, nerd, and at times, a hyper-focused creation machine fueled by compliments and burnout. You can find her art on Tumblr, as well a few pieces of writing that may or may not exist on Wattpad.

A picrew of Marten

Marten Norr he/him
Night Beats artist-in-residence & Future Night Beats author

Marten is a queer sci-fi/fantasy writer, full-time artist, purveyor of weird stuff, and little herald of chaos. He’s famous on TikTok for 1) single-handedly destroying his grandmother’s legacy, and 2) making the world aware that the reason there are so few mummies left in the world is because the Victorians ate them all. Learn more tru fax from Marten on Tiktok and Instagram.

A photo of Nicole

Nicole Northwood she/her
Night Beats author

Nicole Northwood writes romance with a little spice: paranormal, contemporary, and fantasy stories for adults set in lush worlds that feature strong protagonists, deep emotions to dig into, and frequent appearances by supernatural beings. She has also previously published middle grade, young adult, and new adult fiction as Nicole Bea. Nicole and her husband share their home in Eastern Canada with a collection of multi-colored cats, a cupboard stuffed with tea, and a lifetime’s worth of books. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok at @nicolebooks_, and check out her website too!

A photo of Bixby

Bixby Jones she/her
Future Night Beats author

Bixby Jones never gets enough sleep, and that, along with her desperate need for validation, makes her a natural at this writing thing. She released her first romance, Soulmate, Stage Right, and is working on subsequent books in the series. You can catch her on Twitter @itsbixbyjones or visit her website at

A photo of Rachel

Rachel Corsini she/her
Future Night Beats author

Rachel Corsini is the ultimate millennial Leo who writes contemporary women’s fiction with humor, heart, and lots of soul searching. When she isn’t writing, she is standing in front of a classroom of disinterested high school students teaching fairytales and twisted stories. Makes sense since she spent most of middle school reading in the dark in a blanket fort with a flashlight. Formerly from Queens, NY, now Long Island, geriatric cat mom, retired amateur ballerina, and Italian wiseass. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok @madameraerae.

A picrew of Velia

Velia Hawthorn she/her/they/them
Future Night Beats author

Velia is the epitome of the Libra, always following the rules, and never getting anywhere. But her muse is a creature of a different colour. A loving, kiss your boo-boo’s better, tender teddy bear hugging Angel who might chain you up during her soft hearted treatments, and then her flip side…. Soulless pits for eyes, fangs pressing against her lips, still has her teddy, she just ripped the head off, and the longest… sharpest nails to dig into you and never ever let you go from her fantasy land. Velia never knows what face her stories will wear when they start, or when they end. Either way, the finale is usually cathartic! Find Velia (and her muse) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And more artists to come! Watch this space …