Night Beats Betas?

We run a feature in our newsletter called Night Beats Betas. Authors submit 500 words of their work in progress, and we respond by cheerleading the parts we love about it. We also offer any suggestions they’ve asked for, whether that’s big picture comments or grammatical edits. And of course we send our comments to the author to approve before anything goes in the newsletter.

Photograph of a person typing on a typewriters.

Our newsletter subscribers love it—they love being exposed to lots of different writers’ work and seeing the writing process. Our authors love it—they get comments from an supportive editor, and we include their socials so they can promote the works to our newsletter subs.

The only thing is, we’re out of things to beta read! We need more!

This is a plea for you to submit 500 whatever you’re working on to us right now. Or later! We won’t be able to keep running this feature without you, and we really love this. So … please submit?

Photo by Thom Milkovic on Unsplash

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