A Micropress Brain Melt …

tRaum Books’ weird, queer, agenre books are half price for the Winter’s Death-Rattle sale.

covers of some trauma books that you need to read


by Lachelle Seville || Dracula’s back and she’s not happy with Bram Stoker…

Most Famous Short Film of All Time

By Tucker Lieberman || Get ready!!!


By Dael Akkerman || Twelve thousand years ago, She chose two girls to save humanity…

It Helps with the Blues

By Bryan Cebulski || Jules leaves. Gabriel rages. Estelle changes. Joshua hides….

Airy Nothing

By Clarissa Pattern || Two boys find danger, love, adventure–and Shakespeare!

a + e

By Rysz Merey || My God, help me survive this deadly love…

The Pink and The Blue

By R Merey || aka ‘You can’t get fucked by the same river twice.’

Find love and confusion between the covers.

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