Night Beats games

We’ve gone truly cross-media, with two TTRPG games inspired by Night Beats lore and works. We can’t wait to play them.

Check out Headcanon and Disaster Wizards, both by the amazing Julian Gunn, available for download at, along with his many other delightful, humorous, and startlingly poignant games.


All the apocalypses have begun to blur together, but this one could be something special.

In Headcanon, the two of you – friends, enemies, allies, all of the above – play out the final episode of the Eternal Show, a nearly infinite low-budget horror-speculative-fiction-suspense-medical-drama-police-procedural-apocalyptic TV series.

In this low-prep ttrpg, players create collaborative poker hands to determine their characters’ actions and the success or failure of the scene.

Disaster Wizards

You, a wizard, are competing in the most prestigious magical tournament in the multiverse.

Two things.

One: this is an elite contest of skill, wits, and laser-like focus.

Two: you are a f*cking disaster.

This game is a Honey Heist hack.

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