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Night Beats Betas is a perk for our newsletter subscribers.

The beta readers:
Rachel Rosen worked as a professional editor in a former life, before she succumbed to the lure of teaching high school students.
Zilla Novikov is entirely fictional, but friends tell her that she is, and I quote, “A great beta”.

The deal:
Subscribers can submit a WIP. We’ll pick a few submissions each month and beta read them. We’ll reach out to the author to see if they like our reading. With the authors’ consent, we’ll put it in the next newsletter.

Submit up to 500 words.

We won’t be able to beta everything. If your words don’t get picked one month, feel free to submit it again next month. We wish we had infinite time to beta read but the laws of thermodynamics dictate that infinite time is impossible.
Don’t submit anything which you want to keep secret. Obviously we will not deliberately use your words or ideas, but the whole point is that one of us will read it, and maybe all our subscribers will. Remember, the internet is forever.

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