Pre-order Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us

Beyond Human Cover

It’s here! The pre-order for Beyond Human: Tales of the New Us is live! Read 22 stories of the human, the alien, and the artificial—including Rachel A. Rosen’s story, “solidAIrity,” as well as stories by Rohan O’Duill, Anna Otto, Emma Berglund, and many more. Not to mention original art by Night Beats artist-in-residence Marten Norr!

They may soon live among us: cyborgs, genetically-enhanced humans, interspecies hybrids, androids, artificial intelligences, aliens in disguise. These 22 stories explore what might come next. Get your copy here.

Sausage and Potatoes paired with A Man Called Ove

Fiction To Sink Your Teeth Into, a feature from author and professional chef Rohan O’Duill!

Ove tells us about his childhood and being brought up by his single father. In the evenings they ate sausages and potatoes. This is a simplified version of a Danish Sausage casserole. I feel that Oves father may have left out some of the flourishes such as cream that would normally be added in but feel free to add a drop yourself if you are in the mood. This is a very simple and cheap dish and I could see why Ove’s father would have this as a staple. I couldn’t find Danish sausage in my local supermarket so I used Kabonos sausage instead. But any tasty sausage should do.

Sausage and Potatoes paired with A Man Called Ove
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Spanish Croquettes paired with The Shadow of the Wind

Fiction To Sink Your Teeth Into, a feature from author and professional chef Rohan O’Duill!

Fermín breathed deeply, with relief, and I knew I wasn’t the only one to be rejoicing at having left that place behind…

“Listen, Daniel. What would you say to some ham croquettes and a couple of glasses of sparkling wine here in the Xampañet, just to take away the bad taste left in our mouths?”

This month I have chosen the atmospheric and beautifully written Shadow of the Wind and paired it with Spanish croquettes. I hope that this recipe, along with a nice glass of rioja, will immerse you into the Barcelona vibe that comes through so strongly in the book.

Traditional Spanish croquettes are made with a béchamel sauce and involve a two-day cook, so I have simplified this a bit by using potatoes for the croquettes. Apologies to our Spanish readers for the abomination.

Crispy Spanish croquettes with a glass of wine and a copy of The Shadow of the Wind
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Joel’s Thai Sweet-Potato Soup

The team at Night Beats Productions is working night and day on The Sad Bastard Cookbook. An essential element of this cookbook is community—sharing recipes and learning new meals. This suggestion from Joel Troster sounded so good that Rohan O’Duill had to make it for himself!

We won’t be including this particular meal in the cookbook—it’s a bit more effort than we personally can manage when we’re in the depths of depression. But it is delicious. So we decided to share the recipe with everyone on this blog. Enjoy!

A bowl of soup
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