Red Kibble paired with Nemesis Games

In which Rachel hijacks Rohan’s Fiction to Sink Your Teeth Into column!

“[Naomi] opted for red kibble from a scarred kiosk with adhesive from generations of nightclub flyers caking its sides. It came in a brown pressed-shred container that fit in her left palm with a plastic spatula like a flattened spoon to eat with. The first bite filled her mouth with cumin and her mind with dust-covered memory. For a moment, she was in her bunk on Tio Kriztec’s ship, huddled over the white ceramic bowl she had loved then and forgotten for years, eating quietly while the others sang in the galley”  (Nemesis Games, Chapter 9)

“The meal was the heavily spiced and deep-fried balls of bean paste that Belters called red kibble “(Persepolis Rising, Chapter 26).

Red kibble is featured prominently in James S.A. Corey’s Expanse series, particularly Nemesis Games and Persepolis Rising, where Naomi Nagata enjoys it in stark contrast to her crewmates on the Rocinante. It’s a dish favoured by the Belters, the downtrodden civilization raised and adapted to living in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. They frequently must make do with the limited ingredients available, adding interest through spice and texture.

Many Expanse fans have tried their hand at recreating the recipe, which was also featured on the show. I had to give it a try!

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Mushroom Stew and Rosemary Taters to Pair with The Hobbit

Fiction To Sink Your Teeth Into, a feature from author and professional chef Rohan O’Duill!

This month I opened up suggestions for recipe pairings to the Twitterverse, and by far the biggest response was for LOTR with mushrooms and taters.

While Tolkien listed off a lot of foods from the Shire, he tended not to get into recipes. I have taken a little liberty with the tomatoes as they were not mentioned, but with land borders to warmer places, I am sure they could have got their hands on them.

Serves 2/3

A photo of the mushroom and rosemary stew
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