Another Sad Bastard Cookbook Cover Teaser

Ever have one of those days? You know you need to cook dinner, but you can’t stop thinking. About the climate apocalypse. About the friend you lost in middle school. About the Eldritch abomination at the bottom of the ocean that neither speaks nor sleeps, only waits. The Sad Bastard Cookbook might help you — at least with dinner.

Sad Bastard Cookbook Cover Teaser 2

Want early access? Sign up to beta test our recipes, or to get a free advance e-book. Plus, stay tuned for Wednesday when we reveal the full cover. Because sometimes one of those days turns into one of those lifetimes. And even sad bastards have to eat.

Cascade Cover Reveal

At long last, we’re thrilled to reveal the cover for CascadeYou can read a little bit about our adventures on BumblePuppy Press’s blog (spoiler: these adventures involved tentacles, as all good adventures should).

Designing a cover is always a process, but even more so when you’re the author of the book. Cascade is a political fantasy, its magic rooted in climate change rather than bloodlines or wands, and the cover needed to capture both the sorcery and the socialism that you’ll find in its pages.

Stay tuned for a Kickstarter link and release news, coming soon!