Rachel A Rosen’s Author Talk – And More!!!

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Rachel A. Rosen talks climate disaster, wizards, Cthulhu, and Canadian politics, and how they all come crashing together in her debut novel Cascade.

Join us on November 11, in Toronto, for an in-person author talk and book signing with Rosen will discuss her genre-blending work – part techno-thriller, part response to “hopepunk”, part urban fantasy – and the inspiration behind it. Sign up here.

Can’t make it to Toronto? Prefer online talks? We got you. 

There’s a talk online at Brighton Public Library on Dec. 6 at 6:30.

Rachel is speaking about book deisgn at FyreCon Nov. 13 at 4 pm.

Can’t make any of them? You can still read Cascade through Amazonany ebook retailer, or direct from the press.

Extremely Exciting News

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Every author has that moment when their book feels real. For some people, it’s signing their manuscript to a press. For some people, it’s holding the print edition in their hands for the first time. For Rachel A Rosen, it was finding Cascade fanfiction on Archive of Our Own. Not just any fanfic. Amazing, hilarious, heartfelt fanfic of Ian, Jonah, and Sujay messing around on government time, by the inimitable SunSalute. Read it here

Don’t know the canon? You can read Cascade through Amazonany ebook retailer, or direct from the press.

Cascade Book Launches & Signing

Rachel A. Rosen hosts the first book signing for her debut novel, Cascade, Friday, July 29th, 2022, 6:00 PM at Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto. Masks absolutely required!

“Rachel A. Rosen is some kind of twisted genius. I wish I had even half her moves.” — Peter Watts, author of Blindsight

If day drinking is more your cup of tea, join us for a launch party at the Imperial Pub at 4 pm on Sunday, July 31st! You can even see the legendary location where the first part of Cascade was written.

Cascade: Writing the Apocalypse

Cascade was never meant to be a work of climate fiction.

My meandering novel of magic, monsters, and machinations grew its themes organically. Not everything, even in a novel about politics, needs to be a political allegory. Sometimes the tentacle of a long-dead god emerging from the bottom of the ocean is just a tentacle of a long-dead god emerging from the bottom of the ocean. But the further I wrote, and the more IPCC reports were released to resounding global silence and inaction, the more it became obvious that the apocalypse that threatened the world of Cascade was a one not dissimilar to the one that imperils our own.

This led to one of my many bouts of soul searching while writing the novel. Could I even finish the book, let alone the series, before reality rendered it irrelevant? Was it selfish to care about that? Was it even ethical to write a book—which, for all its topicality, is a work of entertainment—when our planet is on fire? Surely my time was better spent at a pipeline blockade or, at the very least, marching in the street.

It may disappoint you, gentle reader, that I don’t have those answers. But I have done a fair bit of thinking about the role of artists, and other creators, during a climate apocalypse.

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Last-minute Cascade pre-order promotion

Do you want weird mail from a weird author? Pre-order the ebook edition of Cascade before June 15 and you too can have something strange show up in your snail mailbox. Just DM Rachel on Instagram or the Night Beats Twitter with the receipt (and your favourite astrological sign—doesn’t need to be yours), and we’ll send you a personalized postcard by Rachel and stickers from After Hours in Toronto.

Get Cascade from your favourite online bookstore here!

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Cover Design Workshop

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Your book cover is your most powerful marketing tool for your writing.

Discover how to judge a book by its cover! How do great covers get made? Learn which questions to ask, which design pitfalls to avoid, and how your cover can bring your story to life.

This free workshop is aimed at both self-publishing authors and those working with a publisher. Attendees will have the option to submit a cover concept for their manuscript along with a 250-word description of their writing for critique. Facilitated by author and book designer, Rachel Rosen. Register to attend on Aug 12, 7 PM EST.