Awesome News Is Awesome

Digital art featuring four people, three of them in aviator jackets and one in a sci-fi type body suit. The one in the body suit is tall and pale, with four arms. Beside them is a tall blonde girl with curly hair. On her right is a smaller dark haired young man with a tiny black dinosaur on his shoulder. They are both wearing the same style of jacket. On the far left is a tall black young man wearing a duster.

Marten got signed by a literary agent!!!!!!

Our very own Marten Norr, Night Beats Artist-in-Residence and illustrator of The Sad Bastard Cookbook: Food You Can Make So You Don’t Die, is also an author. A really, really good author. He’s just been recognized as a creative triple-threat—his novel Oath and Entropy was signed to literary agent Maeve MacLysaght at Copps Literary Services

Stay tuned for future updates, so you can find out how to get your very own copy of a novel described as “What if the movie 1917, but with magic and dinosaurs and the queer isn’t subtext?” Til then, follow Marten on Twitter or Instagram.

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