Behind the Screens: Tuesday Author Interview

Every Tuesday, get to know a bit about the stories behind the books you love, and discover your next favourite novel.

Of flames and curses preorder

Sabitha: We have Whitney L. Spradling with us, to talk about her new release, Of Flames and Curses. Whitney, tell us about your fantasy romance!

Whitney: I write adult fantasy/paranormal romance. Of Flames and Curses is an adult urban-to-fantasy romance. It takes place in two realms, the human realm (New York City), and the Faerie Realm. It is a slow burn romance that contains mystery, curses, magic, evil queens, and so much more. It has been compared to the TV miniseries The 10th Kingdom. I’m horrible at elevator pitches, but if I had to give one, it would be: Her sister has just been mysteriously murdered and her quest for answers leads her to life-changing revelations; thrown into a magical world she didn’t know existed, this newly discovered half-breed must overcome her fear of loss while searching for a way to break a curse, or she will lose more than her sister to this magical world.

Sabitha: That sounds like so much fun. What inspired you to write this book?

Whitney: The opening paragraph came to me in the shower. I kept repeating it to myself until I got out and could write it down. From there, I planned out a rough idea of what I wanted to happen, then just let the words flow.

Sabitha: Was there any music that inspired you while you were writing?

Whitney: Music is my biggest inspiration when writing. For this particular book, I listened to Yellowcard a lot. Also, the song Dangerous Night by 30 Seconds to Mars has kind of become the theme song for this book. Usually, I listen to whatever genre tends to fit the book I’m writing. For Of Flames and Curses, it was a lot of old school punk.

Sabitha: We have a lot of writers in our community. What’s your writing process?

Whitney: I’m a pantser. I have a general idea of the direction I want the book to take, and a general idea of the ending. From there, I just let the words flow, and let my characters go where they please.

Sabitha: Do you have a “fan-cast” – do you have actors you’d cast as your main characters?

Whitney: Yes! Lucy Hale is my Lainey 100%. For Phoenix I’m torn between Liam Hemsworth and Lucas Bravo. Lucas Till (if he were just a tad bit older) is who I picture for Ash, however Victor Seitz (model) is the inspiration for him. 

Sabitha: What book do you tell all your friends to read? Besides yours of course!

Whitney: Anything published by Midnight Tide Publishing. Brindi Quinn’s Come True genie series is amazing. As is Lou Wilham’s Heir to Moondust series. H. R. Truelove’s Alter, Morgan Gautheir’s Mark of the Hunter, and so many more.

Sabitha:  You have great taste – we love Midnight Tide. Which character do you relate to the most and why?

Whitney: Probably, Lainey. She is kind of a loner. While she’s a loner due to her circumstances in life, mine is by choice. She’s quiet, but fierce when she needs to be. In this first book, she is definitely the damsel in distress, but in book two, she decides she’s had enough and steps up to the plate. I feel like her determination is similar to mine when I decided to write and publish books. It was out of my comfort zone, but I pushed through to do it anyway.

Sabitha: Thanks for sharing your story and your process. We’re looking forward to reading! Where can the Night Beats community find you and your book?

Whitney: You can find all of my socials and websites here. 

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