Book Report Corner

by Rohan O’Duill.

The cover of the sad bastard cookbook. It has a photo of uncooked ramen and a plastic knife, but no spoons.

Being a chef for the last 25-odd years means I have amassed a vast collection of hundreds of cookbooks. I have all the classical French cookbooks. I have cookbooks from cuisines around the world. I have cookbooks on ancient techniques and ones on modern cooking hacks. But The Sad Bastard Cookbook is the only one tos ever made me laugh out loud.

While this book provides very handy and quick recipes, it is so much more than a cookbook. It is a companion through tough times, a crutch when you are struggling, and a shared smile when you need just that.

Saying that, these recipes still provide essential nutrients and energy. The Peanut Butter on a Spoon recipe is a great example of that. Two tablespoons of peanut butter provides you with almost 200 calories, it is high in healthy fats and protein. It is a dense, high-energy food source that also tastes great and requires no preparation whatsoever.

The frozen yoghurt recipe is another favourite of mine. The yoghurt provides you with protein and calcium to keep your body running. The freezing process does not destroy the probiotics, so you still gain the digestive benefits and the advantages to your immune system. The added banana is packed full of vitamins and minerals to really round out the meal.

These are not gourmet recipes, and it would be advisable to create more diverse and balanced food plans when you are able. But this book will get you by and introduce variety when you just can’t make that extra effort.

The real beauty of this book is that many of the recipes and anecdotes were crowd sourced. There is an unquestionable authenticity to them that is refreshing and charming. This book is a survival guide written by survivors. It is a heartfelt resource that many people will draw on for years to come.

Get your free e-book PDF here.

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