New Night Beats Canon!

There’s a brand-new story just published in the Night Beats Extended Universe!

Run me down cover

When Talia and her best friend, Jaeger, agree to host a small graduation dinner party together at their rental house, Talia doesn’t anticipate that she’s going to end the night by admitting she’s fallen in love with him.

What starts out as a quiet night over plates of perfectly cooked salmon, listening to acoustic music on the back patio, quickly turns into intoxicated conversations over stacks of dishes after the guests have left. Though Talia tries to hide her feelings, after a few too many glasses of wine she can no longer deny the way she feels. An innocuous discussion with Jaeger around the future of their friendship following the end of the semester soon dives into deep emotions, leaving the two sharing an intimate moonlit dance, a warm bed, and maybe even more.

Read the latest addition to Night Beats canon. Run Me Down: A Romance Novella by Nicole Northwood is free on Wattpad.

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