Book Report Corner

by Zilla N.

Phantom of Nob Hill theater cover

We were given a review copy of The Phantom of Nob Hill Theater in exchange for an honest review.

This book is ridiculous in the best possible way. John Luke Maxwell wrote a gay romance with enough spice to burn off the roof of your mouth. An ordinary guy falls in love with his former porn-star crush, who is also a top-notch chef, painter, and sleuth. Named, appropriately enough, Holmes. Good thing too, since crimes seem to be piling up all over the place. The world needs a man with a smoking pipe, deductive reasoning, and several pairs of tearaway pants, and Holmes is up to the job. Very up for it.

The writing in this book is solid, but the style is playful. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. I never had a moment’s concern that the men might fall short of their happy ever after, but I was still curious enough about the murder mystery to stay engaged the whole way through.

A perfect book for a summer read! Find it on Amazon here.

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