Sad Bastard Cookbook Updates!

We all need a friend like The Sad Bastard Cookbook. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone even nerdier than you are. Someone who doesn’t judge you when the only thing you can get into your face hole is peanut butter on a spoon. We are delighted to say that the The Sad Bastard Cookbook is getting closer and closer to being a real live book who can be that supportive friend!

Sad Bastard Cookbook Cover Teaser 2

Two truly marvelous editors, Victoria Rose of Flickering Words and Lindsay Hobbs of Topaz Literary volunteered their skills and their time to proofread the manuscript. And so many of you beta tested the recipes, or contributed ideas. Thanks so much to all of you, we are nearly ready to launch.

The e-book will be available to newsletter subscribers in early December. If you want to gift the e-book for Christmas—sign up for the newsletter, and go for it! The e-book will be “sold” for free to the general public a month later, in January.

The print book will be for sale on Amazon in early December, also in time for Christmas gifting. Rachel is working on layout as fast as she can so we can (hopefully) make it available in time for shipping deadlines! It will cost actual money to buy the print edition. If you prefer to download the free pdf and print that instead of purchasing from Amazon, we are cool with that.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this happen. We can’t wait to share The Sad Bastard Cookbook with all of you.

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