Book Report Corner

by Zilla N.

In Flames cover

In Flames opens with Sera telling us, “I am attuned to three things: blood, fire, and love”, and this book delivers on all three.

Sera is a sorceress with a rare gift for predicting love matches, and when she goes to college—a magical medical school—she meets her own celestial matches. But nothing is as she expected. Instead of one partner, she’s matched with two men, and they matched with each other as well as her. And the college itself holds darker secrets, secrets of blood and murder. Sera and her partners need to fight for their match to survive.

This book is in the best tradition of magical dark academia. Imagine a grown-up, poly Harry Potter. A sexy Ninth House. I’d originally been quizzical about the idea of a matchmaking sorceress, but I loved the worldbuilding of a sex-positive culture where love is considered divinely inspired. The world exists at an intersection of magic and technology, where sorcerers text each other on their phones and hockey fans are kept magically warm in the arena stands. Then, of course, the mystery calls into question the entire society which built this so-called school of healing. It’s a delightful play on a familiar genre, and I was left hoping for a sequel where I could see something of the world outside the school.

“But I’ll burn for you, Seraphina. I’ll burn for you if you ask me to.”

Then there’s the romance plotline, which is sizzlingly hot. There is a reason this book is called In Flames. Do not read this book in a drought or you might be accused of arson. I adored Seri, Alexi, and Dario, and it was pure delight to have a novel where no one had to choose between love interests in a love triangle. I will avoid spoilers, but I’ll leave you with two words to end this review: hot chocolate.

We received a review copy of In Flames. Get your copy here.

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