Book Report Corner

by Zilla N.

cover of planet oster

We were given an Advance Reader Copy of Planet Oster: Fertility Fusion (The Holiday Hedonism Series #4) by Vera Valentine, J.L. Logosz, in exchange for an honest review. And we were simply not prepared for this novel.

I knew this book would be funny, and it was hilarious. The premise is delightfully silly–an eternally horny space smuggler agrees to carry the eggs of a triad of anthropomorphic bunny space pirates. It’s treated with enough seriousness to tell a great story, but enough joking that I quite literally laughed out loud.

I knew it was gonna be sexy, and it was incredibly hot. The sex is weird, by human standards. There are tentacles, and multicolored goo, and more nipples than most humans possess. But the thing that makes erotica sexy isn’t sharing bits with the characters. It’s people being deeply devoted to each other’s pleasure, and experiencing their own. This book knows how to have a good time.

The thing no one warned me about was the feelings. No one told me I’d be deeply invested in alien bunny people discovering love and acceptance in a found family. I was not prepared for how much I’d care about this disaster-magnet of a space smuggler and her socially awkward space pirate boyfriends navigating a relationship through very different cultural expectations and past trauma of social rejection. When you read this book and you find yourself biting your lip in concern because Zul’s lying again to avoid disappointing his partners–at least I warned you.

Best of all, this book is another addition to the Night Beats extended universe! It’s seamlessly worked into the story, and the characters all love this terrible TV show as much as we do.

You can find this romp of a hilarious, surprisingly heartfelt erotic science fiction romance here.

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