This Thursday May 26th, there will be a pitching event like no other. 

The first of its kind.

It’s time to turn the tables…

#FlipPit is a twitter event where literary agents and presses pitch to authors. 

Graphic annoucing the date for #flippit is May 26


  • Agents and presses can make their pitches between 8am and 8pm EST
  • Agents and presses can post up to 3 pitches during this time.
  • Agents and presses write their pitch as a tweet thread with three tweets:
    • First tweet is for your manuscript wish list
    • Second tweet is to tell everyone a bit about yourself
    • Third tweet is to tell authors how they can query you. 
  • We suggest that agents and presses pin their tweet thread so it’s easy for authors to figure out how to get in touch.
  • Agents and presses must be open to queries to participate.
  • Likes are for authors only, but RT and QT are encouraged to support agents and presses in the community. Acquiring is hard and lonely, and agents and presses need love too!
  • We have confirmed that a range of authors will be participating covering a wide variety of genres. These include speculative fiction, science fiction, and epistololoary blingblingroman. Maybe more!

It’s time for agents and presses to find their perfect literary match. The authors are ready to hit like.

Graphic annoucing the rules for #flippit. These are the same as written in text.

AGE CATEGORIES (Let everyone know what age group you work with)

#PB = Picture Book

#C = Children’s

#CB = Chapter Book

#MG = Middle Grade

#YA = Young Adult

#NA = New Adult

#A = Adult

GENRES (Let everyone know what genres you represent)

#AC = Action/Adventure

#CF = Christian Fiction

#CON = Contemporary

#CLIFI = ⌛ Climate fiction

#E = 🍆 Erotica

#F = 🧙‍♀️ Fantasy

#FIC = General Fiction

#FLF = Flash Fiction

#EBR = 💌 Epistololoary Blingblingroman

#GF = Gothic Fiction

#GN = Graphic Novel

#H = 🤡 Horror

#HA = 🤪 Humour

#HF = Historical Fiction

#HR = Historical Romance

#LF = Literary Fiction

#M = 🧐 Mystery

#MAG = Magazine

#MEM = Memoir

#NVA = Novella

#NF = 😴 Non-fiction

#P = Paranormal

#PM = Poetry Collection

#POEM = Poem

#PR = 🧛 Paranormal Romance

#R = 😘 Romance

#RS = Romantic Suspense

#SF = 👾 SciFi

#SHR = Short Story

#SHRT = Short Story Collection

#SPF = 👽 Speculative Fiction

#T = 💣 Thriller

#UF = Urban Fantasy

#UP = Upmarket

#W = Western

#WF = Woman’s Fiction

Additional hashtags (optional):

#BVM = Black Voices Matter

#DIS = Disability subject matter

#FP = Fat Positive

#IMM = Immigrant

#IRMC = Interracial/Multicultural subject matter

#LGBT = LGBTQIA+ subject matter

#MH = Mental Health subject matter

#ND = Neurodiverse subject matter

#OWN = Own Voices

#POC = Author is a Person of Color

#TV = Trans Voices

Graphic annoucing the rules for #flippit. These are the same as written in text.

Our Core Message
The writing community and the publishing industry often seem to be at odds with one another. #FlipPit is a reminder that we are all part of the same team and working towards the same goal. Writing can be a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Let’s focus on all the positive things that brought us together.

But Wait—There’s More!
Announcing the Twitterary Literary Awards

twitterary literary awards logo

To go along with #flippit on the 26th of May, we will hold the first ever Twitterary Literary Awards.
The agent and press who has the most interaction with the #writingcommunity during flippit will be bestowed with this coveted award.

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