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an environmental activist / aspiring writer’s query letters get increasingly unhinged as the rejections pile up

City planner by day, tired climate activist by day off, aspiring writer Zilla Novikov’s query letters quickly devolve into a darkly funny exploration of her own psyche. As the rejections pile up, her novel blurbs and biographies grow increasingly unhinged, while Zilla discovers that the road to bestseller-dom is paved with neoliberal hellscapes.

The stunning cover of this satirical novella is finally revealed! Many thanks to the inimitable Rachel A. Rosen for this work of sheer art.

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When a beggar reveals himself as a wishgranter, the novelist is taken by surprise. Should she ask to receive something? Or something else? Or should she request permission to reveal her boundary-breaking resistance-art to the world? Working in five genres and eighteen sacred modes of persistence, Zilla Novikov submits her third wish. Perfect for your list; instantly familiar; a triumph of optimism. We’ve all queried, but until now, only the angels of Chelm heard us. Novikov’s derring-do opens the gates. Now the world will know.

–Tucker Lieberman, Most Famous Short Film of All Time

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Query Title Page

If you’ve ever tried to publish anything, the impersonal form rejections and the unending grind of trying to get someone, anyone, to take a chance on you, will be familiar. If you’ve ever tried to make a genuine difference in your job, if you’ve ever felt small and hopeless in the face of late-stage capitalism, that aspect of the novel will feel familiar too. This book is a scathing satire with genuine passion and heart at its core. Come for the wit and the blackout poetry, stay for the actual inspiration to fight the good fight.

–Rachel A. Rosen, Cascade

tRaum and Night Beats Present!

Coming soon…Zilla Novikov’s satirical novella about publishing and activism, Query.

Query Cover hidden so you can see only a small part

We are delighted and terrified to announce the impending publication of Query as a joint tRaum Books/Night Beats co-production!

City planner by day, novelist by night, Zilla Novikov is coping with her climate anxiety by working as a cog in the wheel of local government and querying literary agents with her postmodern ecofiction novel. But becoming the latest literary sensation isn’t easy.

Zilla’s query letters to literary agencies quickly devolve into a darkly funny exploration of her own psyche. As her frustrations mount, her novel blurbs and biographies grow increasingly unhinged. She finds unexpected solace in her newfound relationships with a community of fellow activists.

When Zilla discovers that becoming a bestseller means navigating a neoliberal hellscape, she is forced into questioning how much meaning that kind of success holds.

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